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Frontal strass doré, perle,...

Frontal en strass

Frontal strass doré, perle, blanc

Couleur du cuir
Noir, Poney, Vague
Noir, Cob, Pointe
Noir, Poney, Droit
Noir, Full, Droit
Noir, Poney, Pointe
Noir, Cob, Vague
Noir, Full, Pointe
Noir, Full, Vague
Noir, Cob, Droit
Marron, Cob, Droit
Marron, Poney, Vague
Marron, Cob, Pointe
Marron, Full, Vague
Marron, Poney, Droit
Marron, Full, Droit
Marron, Poney, Pointe
Marron, Cob, Vague
Marron, Full, Pointe
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